Saturday, October 23, 2010

dance dance revolution

This post is straight and to the point. What I have to say is this:

Just dance already!

You know that you want to dance often: when you're listening to music in your car, when you're in a shop or restaurant and the latest Kanye song comes on the radio, when you're at a show, when anyone brings up Michael Jackson in conversation...

So just do it!

Tonight I attended the most joyful, movement-inspiring concert of my life. I mean, there were dancers on stage, the lead singer took a break from playing his many instruments for dancing interludes, there were moments of jumping. It was a full on dance celebration! And with the exception of 4 people during the second to last song, not a person dared to leave to leave his/her seat to "boogie to the beat of... America" (a direct quote).

Perhaps it's not my place to say any of this because I wasn't one of the 4 brave souls who took a stand, who rhythmically leapt out of their seats, who declared, "Yes! I am inspired to move and I will celebrate with you, Sufjan!" Oh how I wish that I had, and I honestly believe that I will from now on. Answering the call to dance would have been the only way that this evening could have been improved upon, so next time, I'm going for "best evening EVER." You too could have the best evening EVER. You just got get up off yo' ass, and dance.


  1. Jealous! I really want to hear Sufjan play again. Remember how we both went to the Sufjan concert at the Wiltern and didn't get to see each other. :)

  2. I second that exclamation.
    Dance, you, dance!!

  3. lol, sista, you are so right. our hines should have been outta the seats and grooving away to his jams. i must say, though, we did a pretty good job dancing in those seats, lol.
    love you to the moon and back. meow.

  4. Casey, I so wish that I had read this post before I went to see Sufjan the following night. There were so many points during the evening when everything they were doing up on the stage was just screaming: "Everybody DANCE!" But not a single person in the entire theater left their seats. Myself included. So I sat there, still enjoying the show, but feeling very anxious and unsatisfied. I wonder how many other people in attendance were feeling the exact same thing. We should have just done it.