Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesday: harvest (with bad back), and packingpacking
wednesday: farmers market, csa harvest, thurs. farmers market harvest, and dinner with ched and elaine and friends
thursday: finish farmers market harvest, csa deliveries, farmers market, and packingpacking
friday: saturday farmers market harvest, weeding, organizing seeds and writing-up my "how-tos" of farm responsibilities, meet dad, dinner with soƱadores sin fronteras, and sleep (maybe)
saturday: loading for farmers market, packingpacking with dad, nonviolence training in the afternoon, ched and elaine party late afternoon, dinner with dad
sunday: packingpacking, saying bye to dad, brunch at madelaine's, cleaning the farm house, final abundant table service, eucharistic meal, sleep (definitely)
monday: youth groups, csa harvest, weeding, packing, farewell dinner with seth and anna
tuesday: youth groups, farm meeting, csa deliveries, farmers market harvest, weeding, farewell dinner with ched and elaine
wednesday: farmers market, thursday farmers market harvest, final packing, dinner with sisterfriends, and the end of working at join the farm!/abundant table farm project
thursday: packingpacking my car, farewells, ted and judy, morrises and debusscheres, and off.

just a week, just a little over a week.
so full.
feels like college graduation all over again.
feels like i want to avoid and run away and sleep and watch netflix instant viewing (and not read books because books are too real)
so soon back to arizona.