Friday, August 21, 2009

can it already be another week-end?

i always thought that if i lived in a rural, quiet, removed place that time would somehow slow down.
let it be known
this is not the case.
i do not know where this last week has gone.
perhaps it got lost in thinking about
all of the many things that we have to do.
we're all learning here about how on earth to set-up a csa,
where the local farmers markets are (and the requirements for each individual market),
the steps involved in certifying our planting practices as organic,
working on campaigns for farm workers' rights and the new sanctuary movement..
and then we're also making all these choices about our home
and the ways that we want to live as a house/collective/group of compassionate friends.

the feeling of being overwhelmed hasn't really dissipated,
it's just spread or migrated into new places.
like this afternoon we came home
and our house was full of 8 people
all trying to help and prepare things for this weekend,
but it felt like chaos and insanity and headaches and reallyreally claustrophobic.
and i'm realizing that
i have so much to learn about communal living and hospitality.

but i have teachers!
oh my sisterfriends.
who are really starting to feel a lot more like friends.
already it feels strange when i haven't seen one of them in a few hours.
and we're getting to know each other on a one-on-one level
(which is really the only way that i know how to make friends).
like traveling to pasadena and learning about farm workers' rights with sarah.
like taking walks and planning farmers market trips with katerina.
like doing weight training and working on the website with erynn.
i like them all. (and our mutual love is very obvious in all that we do for one another).

not much solitude this week.
hoping to making more time for that
and for reflection.
i ran away to town on wednesday night
because i wanted to pop a bag of popcorn at home,
sneak it (and some carbonated water) into a movie theater,
and see district 9 on the big screen.
though this place truly is becoming "home,"
i am so looking forward to seeing old friends again this weekend
and to meghan janssen's visit! my first friend to see my new home! :)
oh, but you can see it here:

and if you want to stop by the farmers market tomorrow morning,
in either watts or lamert,
you'll see us there with south central farms!

continue to be well, friends.
and read everything is illuminated
and a heartbreaking work of staggering genius
because they are honest and hard and magical and ohwillyoulaugh.


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  1. i want to read both of those. i will. and i need to laugh at a book instead of being confused and bewildered and soul-shaken (at least i need this in different ways...)